Trestleboard - ERAC Lodge Number 163 F&AM

ERAC Trestleboard

All dinners will begin at 6:30pm except the Table Lodge indicated below. Dress code for all meetings will be jacket and tie unless we have degrees scheduled and the dress code will be updated at that time.

All meals will be catered by Forest Hills Catering and by Lodge Brothers. Lodge Brother meals have an asterisk (*) next to the menu item.

September 11 Know Thyself: Hierarchy of Needs > Set The Craft At Work
September 25 Maslow's Self Actualization
October 9 Self Actualization: Creativity
October 23 FellowCraft Nite: Hit The Road
November 4 Fellowcraft Degree: Tentative target - SCIPIO LODGE?
November 13 Official Visit
November 23 Thanksgiving
November 27 OPEN: Thanksgiving Dinner (Widow Invitations also)
December 11 Self Actualization: Spiritual Enlightenment
December 25 Christmas Day: NO MEETING
January 8 Table Lodge
January 22 Self Actualization: Pursuit of Knowledge
February 10 Ladies' Nite: Offsite
February 12 Self Actualization: Positive Effect on Society - How did Masonry influence Masonic
February 26 Guest Speaker: Bill EdwardsPresident's administrations?
March 12 #whatisthequalityofyourwork: EA Principle Tenets
March 26 Senior Warden Nite
April 9 #whatisthequalityofyourwork: EA Four Cardinal Virtues
April 23 Junior Warden Nite
May 12 Master Mason Torchlite Degree: Tentative - OPEN TO DISTRICT ... Camp Demolay
May 14 Election of Officers
May 28 Memorial Day: NO MEETING
June 11 Installation of Officers
Other Key Dates
Officer Training every Monday thru summer starting July 10: We'll practice Opening/Closing the last 2 or 3 of these meets
Officer Roundup the 2nd meeting of each month at 7:00pm in the Living Room
Walking On Sunshine: September 24, 2017
Ronald McDonald Dinners the 4th Thursday of each Month except November
Scholarship Picnic: 7/22/2017 - 129 Fire Lane 13, Cato NY